Workshops Academie van Bouwkunst




Academy of Architecture


Willem Hoebink
i.s.m. Jo Barnett and Paul Reintjes
i.s.m. Pieter Wackers (online versions)
video&editing: Paul Reintjes

Marieke Timmermans
Thomas Oles
Adriaan Beukers, Ed v.Hinte

The Acadamy of Architecture Amsterdam offers an interdisciplinary program of masterstudies. Architects, urbanists and landscape architects are trained in constant mutual exchange between their disciplines.

‘2020-’22 | New Vlooienburg

Theme of the annual ‘Makerspace Workshop’ is Amsterdam’s ‘Waterloo-Square, since long the academy’s front yard and perhaps Amsterdam’s most controversial location. Therefore workshop starts with a historic lecture. During the workshop students work in teams on a new urban concept for the site. The workshop results in an a big scale maquette and a time-lapse video of the process.

The former Winter- and Summerworkshops were intensive interdisciplinary events.
International teams of students worked on unusual, challenging group assignments.

2009 | Thin City

An investigation on the phenomenon of lightweight and composite structures.

2010 | Going Dutch

For ages individuals have created, transformed and maintained the Dutch landscape as the sum of personal dreams. How will students match their dreams with others, how will they match connecting pieces into vibrant structures?

2011 | Transgress

Students are expected to violate and trespass spatial conventions anywhere in public space, challenging the common equation of landscape.

2014 | District 2413

A leap into future off 400 years offers us great visionary freedom. This allows us to play with our delicate historical heritage as if it where a ‘Canal District building-kit’.

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